An intersection is where two lines meet or cross.

In many ways, journalism has always been about intersections. Lines of reporters cross with copy editors who cross with desk editors who cross with the world. Readers cross with publications to make their feelings known while product and technology cross with them all in hopes of creating a sustainable and worthy product paying for.

Journalism is changing.

Technology has made journalism is a two-way street. So long are the days where journalists are the gatekeepers of information. Readers have more power than ever before. With so much noise to break through on the internet, it’s up to publications to deliver a product worthy of readers’ time.

That’s why the intersections are so important. In order for journalism to be successful, technology, product, and journalism must intersect.

So, I’m here to talk about that. You’ll hear a lot about tech companies, user experience and innovation in newsrooms around the world. There will be interviews with folks who are working in these intersections daily.

I also want to hear from you. Please send me your thoughts, comments and more about the intersections of journalism and I’ll be sure to feature them in the newsletter.

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